POINT™ Automatic Sprouter Machine

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Automatic Bean Sprout Machine 

Now, you can grow your very own organic leafy sprouts right in the comfort of your home.

This Automatic Bean Sprout Machine can grow the following:

Bean Sprouts, Spinach, String Beans, Black Beans, Buckwheat, Okra, Helianthus Annuus, Hollow, Radish, Mustard, Songliu, Green Peas, Red peas and much more…

No soil required. Grow nutritious sprouts from seeds and legumes-year round


360-degree sprinkler, to prevent uneven germination of beans. Save electricity with PTC heating

Easy to operate: The Start button is pressed first and then the corresponding season button is selected according to the room temperature


  • Thermal temperature power: 20W
  • Water pump power: 8W
  • Sprouting time: 2.5-4 days

What You Will Get?

  1. cover lid*1
  2. cultivate plate*2 or *3
  3. water tube*1
  4. base*1
  5. cultivate bucket*1
  6. watering shower*1
  7. sunshade cloth*1
The voltage of the machine is 220V/50Hz, it is not suitable for 220V/60Hz

With high feet pads on the bottom to leave the gaps for cooling the inner temperature extends the machine using life.

Ventilation holes on the cover lid are better for sprouts breathing.

360° rotating watering shower can automatic watering for the seeds every ten minutes

sunshade cloth free offer  better for sprouts growth


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