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Researchers have shown that women on average spent 104 minutes a week managing body hair. Additionally, hair removal can be expensive, time-consuming, and painful. POINT™ brought to you the new Permanent IPL Epilator Laser Hair Removal, the ultimate solution permanently remove your body hair with in a very fast and painless way. Our laser hair removal product is a very convenient tool that you can use in many parts of your body including bikini area, underarm, arms, and legs, to achieve more femininity and more attractiveness. 

point store laser hair removal


Phase 1: Growth - Pigments in the hair follicles are absorbed as the hair grows.

Phase 2: Degradation - Hair become weak and thick, a half of them does not grow anymore in just 4 weeks, resulting in smooth and hair-free skin.

Phase 3: Consolidation - After the 8th week, you can have silky smooth skin permanently, you’ll never worry about any unwanted hair. Just uses once in 1 to 2 months to consolidate the result.

point store laser hair removal


The Professional POINT™ laser hair removal is very convenient and you can use it on any parts of your body.

Bikini Area: Removal of unwanted hair from your bikini area to bring out the shining skin and increase enjoyment during sexual activity. Men appreciate women that are smart and confident, and they can easily notice a woman that is confident and smart just by looking at her appearance and movement. Get this done from the comfort of your home.

Armpit: Are you tired of constant shave of armpit hair? This device is your answer to a permanent hair removal. Let your partner enjoy the company of you by being close to you because of your fresh and smooth beautiful armpit.

Face:  Hair growth on the upper lip does not look good on women, to avoid this kind of embarrassment women can now treat this issues with our hair removal device to look beautiful all the time. After treatment every woman is a winner because the face is one of the most attractive part of of a woman.

LEGS: Hair growth on women leg makes them feel bad and lost confident because they can't always wear what they want especially summer, with your new POINT™ laser hair removal device women can get back their groove. 

laser hair removal point store

Full Body Hair Removal

When you use the hair removal is proficient and your hair is not particularly difficult to handle, just ten minutes, you can finish full body hair removal.Hair removal for your Face, Lip, Armpit, Arm, and Leg at home in free time.

Two treatment modes: 

Two modes design can satisfy your demands on different hair removal parts.

MANUAL MODE(Flash Mode) is mainly used for small area hair removal, such as bikini line, armpit, fingers, lips;

AUTO MODE (Slide Mode) can be used for large hair removal area, such as arms, legs, stomach and back.


It has 5 different energy levels to adapt different skin sensitivities. From 1 (Lowest) to 5 (Highest) can be adjustable, please choose the level according to your needs. The higher level, the greater strength, the better effect of hair removal.For the first use, recommended use level 1.

laser hair removal point store


1. Before depilating, shave the hair on the depilating area with a hair scraper.

2. Connect the power cord of the device to the power outlet .

3. Turn on the device, short press to choose the right gear and the device can be used normally.

4. When operating, please wear the protective glasses attached to this product to protect your eyes.

5. Place the product vertically against the skin and press the flash button to start hair removal. No more than 3 continuous flash hair removal to be conducted in the same place.

6. Single press on the flash button is manual hair removal mode, long press on the flash button for 3 seconds will be switch to automatic hair removal mode;

 laser hair removal point store 


Thank you for choosing our IPL system, for the most effective use of the product, please read the user manual carefully before using.
To protect the skin, it’s not suitable for the following customers:
1. You have a known skin disorder.
2. You have a skin disease such as allergic dermatitis, eczema, etc.
3. Who have photosensitization.
3. IF you are experiencing Menstruation, Pregnant or Location.
4. If you have sunburn.
5. Black or sunburn skin(Please refer to the following specific color contrast card).
6. Black or fluorescent nevus.
7. Broken skin, a scab or healed wound, cancer, or hemangioma.
8. Your eyes and any artificial aesthetic, prosthetic, or plastic area.
9. Point Store is not responsible for any damage that you may cause to your skin if the device is used improperly.

point store laser hair removal